"Because of my career, I have to be extremely guarded and cautious about who knows the intimate details of my life, it's not fun seeing tabloids and media speculation as it is, but even worse if they found my deepest struggles to blast.  I'm grateful Kaci has lived this world and understands just how tough it is, and for her strict rules around confidentiality. It's refreshing to know someone is there to actually HELP me, not just see what I can do for them or to write another story."

"Having Kaci spend a week with us on location, and traveling between them, has been crucial to help me continue to grow with a schedule that leaves little time to for outside things.  It's not only been career saving, but lifesaving for me and my family.  Knowing my family has a support person to call upon is comforting beyond words.  She gives so much time and attention to details and there's not anything we can work through with her.  I'm performing better than ever!"

"My creativity has soared this past year working with Kaci.  She's definitely not a "one-size-fits-all," and gives so much attention to helping me succeed as an individual.  I've participated in her workshops and groups, and love every time I've been able to make it.  I highly recommend her to my artist, writer and actor-colleagues."