• Kaci Allen

What I Do!

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here and look forward to working with you and your family! Almost every day, I'm asked, "What do you do?" for Athletes, Entertainers and other Public Figures, so I thought I would start there.

If you are an Athlete, Entertainer, other Public Figure, or a family member of one, I work with YOU to help you get from where you are to where you want to be and anything that comes in between.

Athletes, Artists, Actors, Public Figures and their families face specific challenges unique to their environment and the expectations placed on them. As and LPC-MHSP, Life & Performance Coach, who has competed at the NCAA Division 1 level, coached, and been immersed in the music and entertainment industries, I work and relate to clients from a place of first hand experience; it's something I've lived. From this experience, along with extensive education and training, I have created various methods that help Athletes, Entertainers, and their families navigate the waters and THRIVE in their unique environments! When I was a student athlete, my coach made me see a sport psychologist every other week. He said there was one of him, 16 of us and we had full class loads, were playing 80 double headers, most of us were working and had significant others, or friend groups buying for our time. But our sport psychologist wasn't trained to help with eating disorders, depression or other relationship and clinical issues. For that, we had to go to a therapist. In the mind of an elite performer, this creates the feeling of being "too much," for one person to handle, and also required extra time from an already overwhelming schedule. Nonetheless, our coach was wise and far ahead of his time. Back then, I thought it was a waste of time and inconvenience. Now, I know just what a gift this was for me then, and the rest of my life. I wanted to create one space that could help the whole athlete, all the aspects of the performer and their families without having to refer to multiple places. The practice, game and touring schedules these elite performers face, puts a strain on the performer as well as their families who try to balance both the professional and personal.

Whether it's in one of my office locations, via video or phone sessions, in home, on tour, or on site during practices and games, I customize our sessions to meet each client's needs and goals. For an confidential consultation and availability, email me directly: kaci@kaciallen.com or 615-517-6900. I look forward to joining your journey.

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