A few of my most frequently asked questions are below.  You may also reach me directly at 615-517-6900 or kaci@kaciallen.com for more information and to schedule your intake session.

Frequently Asked Questions

With what level of athletes do you work?

I work with athletes at various stages: high school student athletes working toward scholarship and transitioning to play at the collegiate level, current NCAA athletes and professional athletes and their families.

Do you travel to clients?

Yes. Many of my clients have heavy competition and tour schedules, and we travel to work on site within the unique pressures of their current environments. Additionally, we are able to maintain close contact via online and phone sessions.

Who do you work with?

While I work with Athletes and Entertainers all over the world, part of what makes my work unique is strict adherence to confidentiality paramaters. This creates a safe place where the fastest results can occur.

How do I start?

When you're ready to take your career and professional life to the next level, we will schedule an intake session to discuss your goals and coordinate schedules. Simply fill out the contact form with your name, phone number and email, or reach out to me directly at 615-517-6900. kaci@kaciallen.com

Do you take insurance?

Insurance is tricky, and will only approve sessions that are considered "medically necessary." While I am not on any insurance panels, I can give you an invoice to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement and many clients have been successful in getting their sessions paid for completely.

Is this just normal counseling?

No. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Performance Psychology Coach. My blended approach blends both to ensure work with the whole performer, not just on part of the equation. Becuase our mental health and performance are so interconnected, I am able to get to the root of issues and help atheltes, entertainers and their families thrive under pressures unique to their environments.