"For most entertainers, there is a single experience, one defining moment,

when confidence replaces the self-doubt
that most of us wrestle with." 
- Charlie Pride


"If it affects the minds, it affects performance." (Allen, 2014). 

Entertainers, (Artists, Actors, Musicians, Comedians, Speakers etc.) benefit from customized individual performance counseling, freeing their mind to focus on their performance and craft.  An initial assessment can determine a treatment plan of action that best fits your needs and desires.  Additional support for families is invaluable and the more proactive you are, the more you position them for success as a whole and avoid common pitfalls.

Performance Coaching & Counseling for Entertainers and their Families.​

- Work On Location and Remotely

- Balance Tour/Filming Schedule With Family Relationships

- Create Personal Relationships that THRIVE Even When You're On the Road

- Manage Label/Management/PR Changes & Challenges

- Identity Outside of Performance

- Family Dynamics


- Pre-performanceRituals

- Focal Cues

- Audition Processing
- Projecting and Confidence

- Psychodrama

- Process Focused Coaching
- Mindfulness/ Meditation
- Visualization Training
- Expressive Arts

- Anxiety Reduction

- Performance Enhancement

- HearthMath Coherency

- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

- Strength Finders


- Depression & Anxiety
- Grief & Loss
- Coping Skills​
- Anger Management
- Trauma & Abuse Recovery
- Addictive Behaviors
- Interpersonal Relationships
- Couples Counseling
- Adolescent & Family Therapy​
- Family Intensives
- Family of Origin
- Expressive Arts Therapy
- Mindfulness Coaching


- Life Skills
- Mindfulness/ Visualization Training

- Creative Mental Training
- Effective Communication

- Substance Abuse

​- Parenting Workshops

My strict code of confidentiality is part of what makes our work so successful, especially when so many people, tabloids, are looking for another 'story.'  While I will not release any client information, including names, I am able to provide the following list of professions and organizations with whom I have or am currently working:


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