Catch23 Performance:
Based in Nashville, TN, Catch23 Performance is one of the Nation's leading resource for top performers. Catch23 works with Athletes and Artists across the United States and internationally who desire to achieve optimal performance levels and are ready to do what it takes to bypass their competitors. We are also one of the only firms that coaches parents of the developing athlete/artist to ensure top quality of care as their child progresses anywhere from little league and talent shows, to pro-levels. Sound mental strategies aren't something that would be 'nice' to have, but are a must if you want to take your performance to the next level, and keep it there, especially with so many on the outside trying to bring you down. Our unique approach combines Performance Psychology techniques with Clinical Mental Health Counseling to consistently produce holistically sound, top performers.

America's Family Doctors:
Physicals, X-rays, Urgent Care, Primary Care for All Ages, Procedures & Labs and more.  We take appointments as well as walk-ins with availability seven days a week.  America’s Family Doctors was started in August 2002 with our first location Brentwood, TN. Our founder is S. Steve Samudrala MD also known as Dr Sam by patients and associates. Dr Sam’s vision for America’s Family Doctors has always been about being accessible and convenient for our patients 7 days a week priding ourselves in caring for our patients welcoming all patients.

Extreme LifeChange Workshops:
If you're NOT living the life you always wanted to live, then do something about it! Our workshops and seminars are designed for folks in all walks of life who want to make a serious change in their life and future. You have the ability to create the best life possible for you, your kids and the people around you. Sign up today for one of our workshops, or simply request additional information on the links provided. Customized workshops are available for groups, or simply sign up on your own, and network with folks in a similar "rut" while getting out of it together! We want to help you experience an Extreme LIFEchange!

Red Griffin Entertainment:
We are a group of individuals who have myriad talents. Together we make up a dynamic team committed to producing the best in everything we do. From music, event, and television production to advertising, promotions, and booking we strive to bring a unique perspective and edge to our work that is catered to our clients. We have found our diversity of gifts to be a great asset in accomplishing our goals successfully. We value these differences both in ourselves and our clients, and take great pride in our ability to produce distinct material in a wide array of styles and genre.

* This is a partial list of providers with whom we have had great experiences, or who have contacted us with a desire to connect with our clients and workshop attendees.  While we have had direct conversations with each provider, everyone is different, and this is not a professional endorsement or guarantee of the quality of care you will receive personally or efficacy of any product(s), but rather options we can use for possibilities to extend care for you and your family. 

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- Athletes & Teams
- Performing Artists & Musicians
- Trauma & PTSD

- Grief & Loss
- Relationship Issues
- Depression & Anxiety
- Family of Origin
- Abuse (Physical/Verbal/Spiritual)
- Self-esteem/ Identity
- Trust & Fear of Intimacy
- Sexual Assault
- Coping Skills
- Gender Identity
- Addictive Behaviors
- Mindfulness/Meditation

- Sandtray

- PLAY Therapy

Currently Updating with Medical, Holistic and Other Partners to better serve our clients. 
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