- Athletes & Teams
- Performing Artists & Musicians
- Trauma & PTSD

- Grief & Loss
- Relationship Issues
- Depression & Anxiety
- Family of Origin
- Abuse (Physical/Verbal/Spiritual)
- Self-esteem/ Identity
- Trust & Fear of Intimacy
- Sexual Assault
- Coping Skills
- Gender Identity
- Addictive Behaviors
- Mindfulness/Meditation

- Sandtray

- PLAY Therapy

Adult Psychotherapy Group. Intimacy and vulnerability doesn't have to be scary!
Utilizing, SCARY CLOSE, by Donald Miller

There are many reasons vulnerability can be scary. It’s unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and for some, past experiences make the thought of intimate connection terrifying. When we have been conditioned to act, look, think or speak in certain ways in order to be loved and accepted, we begin living life from a false sense of self.  All too often this mask becomes so protective and familiar we lose who we really are.


This Interpersonal Psychotherapy Group is based on content from New York Times Best-Selling Author, Donald Miller’s book, Scary Close. During group process time, selected chapters will be used as a starting point for discussion and exploration. Leaders use an integrative approach to facilitate group cohesion and create a safe environment to drop the mask and learn to let love in.

$60 per session or $600 if prepaid ($50/per session)

Choose an option below to reserve your spot!:

  First Individual Session $60           OR       Pre-pay Series ($120) Discount $600

Ladies' Empowerment Group
Tired of settling?  The ladies only lunch hour group may be just the fit for you. This powerful group combines a variety of process experiences and strategies to move members on an exciting journey of self-discovery, propelling you to a new, vibrant life.
This group has a limited number of openings, email kaci@kaciallen.com to schedule a consultation and see if this group may be a good fit for you

Gay Men's Group
Your life, passion and purpose isn’t black or white, and there’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to relationships. Join the conversation. Increase communication skills through self-awareness while learning to cultivate healthy, loving relationships in a supportive, confidential environment where unique challenges are welcome and explored.

LGBT Interpersonal Group
From the moment we're born, we attempt to navigate the world around us, looking for how we best fit in. For many, it's a constant battle between who we're expected to be and who we deep down know that we are.  Members struggling with gender identity and same sex attraction bring with them a set of unique experiences that are not encountered and rarely understood by a heterosexual population.  Whether it's family of origin issues, relationship concerns, self-acceptance, or struggles with negative religious experiences, this group is designed specifically to explore, navigate and bring healing to wounds that are often re-opened by those we love most.  This group is closed and ongoing, only accepting new members when space permits. An initial consult with the group leader is required to ensure proper group placement.  All of our groups are confidential, but since we support members who have not yet made their orientation known to the public, we stress confidentiality and reminders in this group more frequently.  For a confidential consultation, please email kaci@catch23performance.com.

Elite Athletes Performance Group
Visualization, mindfulness, meditation, biofeedback and more... if increased focus, confidence and sport performance is what you desire, then grab one of these limited spots.  This group meets for ten weeks (not all consecutive weeks) and current members have the first option to reserve their spot for the next series of sessions.  We will focus on various performance psychology techniques to aid athletes in developing a strong mental game.  This group is co-ed and limited to current student-athletes.

Peer Group for Children With Anxiety
This group consists of 5 fun and interactive peer group meetings teaching kids essential skills for coping with stress and anxiety. Parents will have the opportunity to work both separately and with kids during meetings.

* Groups are closed and ongoing. 
Please call about potential openings.

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