Athletes & Teams

- Artists, Musicians Entertainers

​- High Performing Executives
- Trauma & PTSD

- Grief & Loss
- Relationship Issues
- Depression & Anxiety
- Family of Origin
- Abuse (Physical/Emotional/Spiritual)
- Self-esteem/Identity
- Trust & Fear of Intimacy
- Sexual Assault
- Coping Skills & Life Transitions
- Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation
- Same-Sex Couples Work
- Addictive Behaviors
- Mindfulness/Meditation

- Sandtray

- Expressive Arts & Play

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Kaci Allen, LPC-MHSP
4205 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 205
Nashville TN 37205
(615) 517-6900 

Email: kaci@kaciallen.com

In my practice I use an integrative approach in my work with a diverse group of individuals, couples and families of all ages from children to adults.  Though I work with many different issues, I am especially trained with performance psychology interventions, and in touch with helping clients work through trauma/PTSD, present and past relationship issues, abuse, fear of intimacy, healing from family of origin, depression and anxiety.

I have had extensive training in group therapy, including leading experiential/psychodrama groups as well as techniques from a modern psychoanalytic approach.  Many clients benefit tremendously from group work and I have several different options available through my practice and a strong referral network if my current groups are full.

Kaci works with a variety of clients including professional athletes, entertainers, high performing executives, government officials and their families. Experiencing these life demands over the last twenty years, along with her unique combination of performance psychology and clinical counseling, has positioned Kaci to become one of the Nation's top therapists for those who often find themselves in the spotlight.  She works with a variety of issues ranging from performance and optimizing results, to clinical depression, relationship issues, and other life experiences.  It seems lately everyone is looking for a story, and Kaci's clients benefit from strict confidentiality parameters that create a safe space to heal and grow.  

In addition to maintaining a Nashville based office, she also offers sessions 
in home, on location and around the world to provide clients with additional convenience and privacy. Kaci also teaches Sport and Performance Psychology at Belmont University.