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Events/Programs  2017

Athletes & Teams

- Performing Artists & Musicians
- Trauma & PTSD

- Grief & Loss
- Relationship Issues
- Depression & Anxiety
- Family of Origin
- Abuse (Physical/Emotional/Spiritual)
- Self-esteem/Identity
- Trust & Fear of Intimacy
- Sexual Assault
- Coping Skills & Life Transitions
- Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation
- Same-Sex Couples Work
- Addictive Behaviors
- Mindfulness/Meditation

- Sandtray

- Expressive Arts & Play

"You are not alone, I've got you."  Those seven words were life changing for me when I realized it was possible to drop the mask and let love in.  I believe healing is available for you and look forward to being on this journey with you as we create a safe place for healing and change.

In my practice I use an integrative approach in my work with a diverse group of individuals, couples and families of all ages from children to adults.  Though I work with many different issues, I am especially in touch with helping clients work through trauma/PTSD, present and past relationship issues, abuse, fear of intimacy, healing from family of origin, depression and anxiety.

I have had extensive training in group therapy, including leading experiential/psychodrama groups as well as techniques from a modern psychoanalytic approach.  Many clients benefit tremendously from group work and I have several different options available through my practice and a strong referral network if my current groups are full.

Kaci Allen, MSCMHC    

Kaci Allen, MSCMHC
1222 16th Avenue South
Nashville TN 37212
(615) 517-6900